Visiting our Neighbours

Who? Students in Flensburg, mainly those coming from abroad or from other federal states. Anyone with a low budget but eager to visit Schleswig-Holstein’ s surrounding. What? Exploring Denmark in a day/weekend-trip without having to spend hours and hours on public transport. When? Probably best during Christmas time or during good summer weather… generally better to avoid the rain, unless you are mainly interested in … Continue reading Visiting our Neighbours

“It all worked out for the best”

Before the Christmas holidays started we Interviewed Silvia Iori, an Erasmus student from the University of Milan, Italy. This is how she summed-up her semester in Flensburg. Let us start with a typical question: Why Flensburg? What did you expect? The charming location on the border with Denmark drew me here. I wanted to see how two cultures combine, but I ended up discovering many … Continue reading “It all worked out for the best”

“Europa macht Schule”: Europe makes School!

Last weekend five of our international students travelled to Bonn, where they attended a preparatory seminar for the project ‘Europa macht Schule’. At this point, you might be wondering what exactly is ‘Europa macht Schule’. Albina Kushanashvili, a former writer of this blog, helped us to understand it better. As we found out, ‘Europa macht Schule’ is a country-wide programme of the German Academic Exchange … Continue reading “Europa macht Schule”: Europe makes School!

“It all pays off later in life”

The whole of Europe in a programme. This is the guiding vision of EUF’ s Bachelor European Cultures and Society, launched in 2016. The coordinator Patrícia Barbosa tells us why to choose EUCS.   What makes EUCS a special study programme? This programme is not only about theory. There are four different projects students can choose from: Journalism, Art & Scenography, Research, and Entrepreneurship, so … Continue reading “It all pays off later in life”

Dreaming of Flensburg

Flensburg is a town in the very north of Germany: It only takes a 15 minutes’ walk -and a bridge to cross- to reach the Danish border from Harrislee. It is a small, beautiful city, flanked by three beaches: Solitüde, Ostseebad and Wassersleben. “We had the best Summer in 100 years”, said the locals. As one would remember, it was more than 28 degrees and … Continue reading Dreaming of Flensburg

Colorful, diverse, therapeutic

The first generation of Erasmus students in the EUCS programme have just returned from their semester abroad, a salient part of this course. We asked Johanna Rübcke to tell us about her experience at the Universidad Mayor in Santiago de Chile.   If you had to describe your semester abroad with three words, which ones would you use and why? Colorful. Walking through the streets … Continue reading Colorful, diverse, therapeutic